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I am Custódio Mucavele. Pray with me today: Help me represent you in my businesses. Guide me as I grow my store and interact with my customers. I pray for my village and my country.

Custódio Alfiado Mucavele is a 29-year-old small business owner from the Mangonha village in Massinga. Born healthy, he developed a disease at age 5 that caused acute flaccid paralysis in his legs. During his long illness, his father abandoned him and his mother and baby brother. Although he was educated only through grade 7, Custódio began early in life to buy and sell things in his community.

When he was 12, he started his first business from his home, while he was still weak and wheelchair-bound from his illness: selling matches and kerosene for lamps. The profit he earned helped his mother pay for his younger brother's school expenses. As time passed and his health condition improved, he hired laborers to build a small store out of local materials, where he expanded his products to include groceries, detergent, cosmetics, and children’s clothing and shoes. His mother died when he was 18, and he continued to support himself from the profits of his store.

Today, Custódio's innate business instinct proves strong despite the current economic crisis in Mozambique. He improved his store's infrastructure, giving it metal walls and a roof. In addition, since the national electricity supply does not reach his village, Custódio leased a solar panel electric system where his customers can charge their cell phones, and bought a freezer to sell cold sodas. His vision includes increasing his store's inventory to reduce delivery costs, maximize his buying power to offset increasing prices in Massinga, and ensure his products are continuously available to his customers. Custódio embodies the perseverance and trustworthiness Mozambique Development in Motion (MDiM) aims to support. His success is potential employment for other Mozambicans.

Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and prosper for us the work of our hands—O prosper the work of our hands! -PSALM 90:17

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