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Being an Overcomer

I am Mechaque Nhantumbo. Pray with me today: God, thank you for being with me regardless of my circumstances. May others feel your strength and the encouragement of others.

Mozambique Development in Motion (MDiM) is passionate about helping Mozambicans become self-sufficient through entrepreneurship. So when Mechaque Nhantumbo applied for seed money to jump-start his chicken farm, MDiM program director Amman Fabio appraised his potential as a businessman carefully.

Mechaque is a 53-year-old husband and father of three in Chicuque. His background includes working as a manager at the local school's bookstore, but his interest in farming led him to transform his yard into a productive garden, growing vegetables to feed his family with extra produce to sell. He also raises rabbits as a source of meat. Two years ago on the way home from a family celebration, Mechaque and his wife were in the back of a pickup truck when a drunk driver ran into them, hitting the side of the truck where he was sitting with his arm resting just a few inches outside the truck bed. In the collision, he lost his arm.

With God's grace, he has overcome the tragedy, and rather than feeling sorry for himself, he is following his dream to start a chicken farm to be self-supporting and to generate income for his children's education. Mechaque applied to MDiM for start-up funds to buy supplies to build coops, baby chicks, feed, and medical supplies. Amman (an MDiM representative) knew first-hand that Mechaque is hard-working, resilient, dependable, and capable – a good financial risk with a successful record of raising animals.

MDiM accepted his request and raised the seed money Mechaque needed to start his chicken farm. Mechaque is on his way to providing protein to the citizens of Chicuque and surrounding areas.

For God alone my soul waits in silence,
for my hope is from him. -Psalm 61:5

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