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And God Was There

Trish Sims shares how she saw God through hope, love, and determination in the midst of Hurricane Harvey devastation. You can help the victims of Harvey and Irma by donating blood on October 1. Click here to sign up now for the American Red Cross blood drive.

Leaving our homes in Flower Mound and going to Victoria, TX, seemed the least we could do to try to help some of those in need. Our team is composed of a pastor, a retired pastor, a youth director, a retired engineer, a Dealer Credit Analyst, a retired judge and a sitting judge. What a group! I wondered how it would all work out. Most of us had never done anything like this; however, we had all felt the call to be there, and there we were.

Upon arriving at FUMC of Victoria, I first noticed their church gym. It had been converted into a community supply center. Donations came in every day from other parts of the state and country. The gym was manned by church volunteers who took time from their jobs, or spent their lunch hours handing out food, water and supplies. These people worked tirelessly for their church and their community, and they were such an example of endurance, love and grace. 

Each day we went out and did whatever was needed. Debris removal, mucking, wet carpet and wet furniture removal, and tarping roofs were just a few of the things we did. We met some of the sweetest souls on God's earth. Most of these people had lost almost everything and one woman also lost her job because of Harvey. Yet they were so grateful for any little thing we could do, and I never once heard any of them whine or complain. Since I sometimes tend to be a whiner and complainer, God used these people to teach me a valuable lesson.

Finally, on the last day we were there, a large eighteen wheeler truck came in to be unloaded at the church. It had come from Brownfield, TX. A family there had spent a week in various towns getting donations to fill the truck. They then made the ten plus hour trip to Victoria, unloaded the  truck, spent the night, and headed home the next day. What a testimony!!!

Being a part of this team, seeing firsthand the chaos and devastation and then seeing how God's people come together to help one another has truly opened my eyes--and my heart.

Posted by Alyssa Robinson at 11:14 AM
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