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Amigos Days: No Skill Needed

Amigos Days: April 21-22 & 28-29

Amigos Days is two weekends of servant-hood to the people of Dallas. Suburban and urban churches join together with the People Helping People Team from the City of Dallas and urban residents to make a positive difference in our city.

If you'd like to register for Amigos Days stop by the table in the Connection Center April 2 or 9 or email Jeff Traylor at jeff@itmightwork.com. There is no age limit, required skills or minimum time commitment. Serve for one day or all four; just be an eager servant.


Jeff Traylor has been serving with Amigos Days for over 8 years. He unquestioningly volunteers to organize and serve year after year. When I asked him what kept him coming back every year, one story immediately came to mind.

Her name was Birdie.

Jeff and his team arrived at Birdie's ready to work on their assigned project, scraping and repainting the outside of her house. They knocked on the door and heard her yell, "Just a minute!" And waited for what seemed like 10 minutes for her to come to the front door. 

Puzzled, the team kept looking at each other inquisitively wondering what was taking her so long. When she finally got to the door, she apologized saying that she was doing laundry at the back of the house and it took her some time to get to the front because of her walker. The team accepted this explanation and described to Birdie how they would be helping her that day.

Every now and then they needed to ask Birdie a question, and again, it would take 10 - 15 minutes for her to come to the door. Jeff remembered thinking something's not right.

One of the times she came to the door, Jeff politely asked, "May I come in, Miss Birdie?" 

She welcomed him into the house to show him around, and Jeff was astonished by what he saw. The reason it took Miss Birdie so long to walk from the back of her house to the front was because her kitchen floor was completely rotted out. There was a giant hole spanning the length and width of the kitchen that Birdie had tried to cover by laying a few 2x4 boards across her pier and beam crawl space and laying rugs over the boards so it looked like a floor.

No wonder it took her so much time!

She was trying to navigate over these bridges of boards, using a walker, to get to the front door without falling through the makeshift floor.

As soon as Jeff saw her kitchen, the realization hit him. "What are we doing!?"

Here they were scraping and painting the front of her house, when Birdie didn't even have a floor to walk on. She didn't once mention her floor or ask for help. She was content and appreciative to receive the help that had been offered to her without asking for more.

The team stopped working, regrouped, made phone calls and did whatever they needed to do to provide Miss Birdie with a new kitchen floor and also scrape and repaint the house as they had promised.

Through working with Amigos Days, Jeff has seen a generation that gives everything they have and ask for nothing in return. There are so many Miss Birdies out there who care for children, grandchildren, their communities and are hesitant to ask for any help for themselves. They are often taken advantage of, forgotten and left to fend for themselves as they begin to age.

Join Jeff and hundreds of Methodists throughout the Metroplex to practice radical love and servant ministry for all of the Miss Birdies who need our help.

If you'd like to register for Amigos Days, email Jeff Traylor at jeff@itmightwork.com. As a reminder, there is no age limit, required skills or minimum time commitment; just an eagerness to serve.

Posted by Alyssa Shibata at 7:00 AM
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