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A Vision of Hope

I am Arlindo. Pray with me today: Lord I pray for the Center of Hope. I pray for the health care workers who are trained at the center and for the community who receives health education there. I pray for the health of your children, both young and old, who live in Mozambique.

If God gave you a vision of a hospital with no patients, what would you do? If you lived in a country with a population of 23 million, a life expectancy of 40 years, a literacy rate of 50%, more than 2 million people living with HIV/AIDS, and rampant malaria, would your answer change?

Jeremias Franca, hospital administrator in Chicuque (Mozambique, Africa), received just this vision from the Lord. He did not run from the challenge like Job did; he embraced it as his mission. He followed God's plan as he won permission from the Mozambique annual conference to build a Center of Hope in Chicuque – the first health, education and well care center in Mozambique. At the Center of Hope, health workers are trained to go out into remote areas of Mozambique to educate about preventing AIDS as well as malaria and other diseases. Today, the Center of Hope is a reality because Jeremias was not dismayed by the number of people needing help, or the fact that the nearest medical clinic for most of the people in Mozambique is an hour’s walk, or the need for hundreds of thousands of dollars to build the Center. Jeremias followed the Lord obediently, and hundreds of people in Mozambique have learned how to prevent the spread of AIDS and malaria; received prenatal care, vaccinations, bed nets, and AIDS/tuberculosis/malaria testing; understand the importance of clean water; and recognize the warning signs of domestic violence and alcoholism.

Dr. Arlindo is the current director of the Center of Hope, and the Lord continues to enlarge the vision and scope of this center. Not only are health workers trained at the Center of Hope, but the building also helps sustain itself as a central welcoming center for the community and guests, offering meeting rooms and short-term living quarters for visiting doctors and missionaries, and hosting medical and wellness conferences. The Lord has blessed the Center of Hope greatly, and He continues to expand the vision. The concept has made such a positive impact that plans are underway to build a similar wellness and education center in another part of Mozambique.

Brooke Hurlbut was 17 in 2011 when she went with her grandmother, Marilyn Hurlbut, on a mission trip to Chicuque. Brooke accompanied Jeremias and other Center of Hope volunteers out into the bush, a 20-minute drive over bumpy roads to remote villages, and witnessed the difference these volunteers make. Brooke's immediate reaction at their first stop was that it was "shocking to see the small, broken down huts" that were these people's homes. "Yet, they were joyful," she soon realized, "coming out as a tight-knit community to sing in greeting at our arrival." Brooke is impressed with the Center of Hope volunteers who are willing to spend their time becoming educated to help their fellow countrymen and then traveling out to teach them how to prevent illness, recognize signs of serious medical conditions, and administer first aid to each other.

Trietsch members donated money to help fund the Center of Hope building, which was completed in 2008. Despite Dr. Arlindo’s wise incorporation of self-sustainable resources, continued funding is required to keep the Center of Hope functioning. This year, funds from the Trietsch Silent Auction will benefit the Center of Hope. Visit the Silent Auction in the Connection Center between now and April 29 to contribute your resources to this wonderful vision of hope.

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Join Trietsch in supporting the amazing efforts of Mozambique Missions by bidding in the silent auction or making a donation.

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