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A Life Changing Vacation

I am Marilyn Hurlbut. Pray with me today: Holy Lord, Mozambique has our hearts; has for the last 20 years, and I pray it will have our hearts for many more.

My sister and I were going to have the time of our lives; a safari in Africa! What could be more fun for 60ish grandmothers?

"Look how far away it is," we said as we looked at a globe. "You suppose we should tack on some volunteer work as long as we're over there?" Thus began what we intended to be a "tag on" to the main event, the safari, but what God intended to be our lives' mission for many years to come. We spent two weeks in Chicuque, Mozambique, then on to our fabulous safari. On our way home, to our astonishment, Chicuque was stuck in our brains, not wild animals. Before our plane touched ground back in the USA, both of us knew we were supposed to return to Mozambique.

We immediately talked with Trietsch's senior pastor, Jim Ozier, saying, "We're supposed to go back next year, and we want you to come with us." "OK," he said - just like that! Thus in 1998, Trietsch took the first Volunteers in Mission (VIM) team to Mozambique with that wonderful, rare certainty that God was running the show…..certainly we weren't.

Want to be proud of being Methodist? Go to Chicuque and nearby Cambine. Methodists have changed this part of Mozambique with more than 100 years of ministry. Early missionaries started the hospital in 1913, educated Mozambicans during colonial times when public schools were denied to them, taught hygiene, how to build latrines, and above all, Mozambicans came to know Jesus Christ and began to evangelize and bring others to Him. When VIM teams go, it's not to introduce Jesus for the first time. We are standing on the shoulders of great Christians who answered God's call in years past. What these brothers and sisters need is the ability to support themselves and their churches. They don't need handouts. They need education and job opportunities.

My sister and I get tears when we sing, "Here am I Lord, I will go Lord."

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I; send me!" -ISAIAH 6:8

Join me in supporting the amazing efforts of Mozambique Missions by bidding in the silent auction, making a donation, or coming to our educational experience on April 22.

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