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Serve with Butterfly Ministry

Ever been to a dance?  Ever had to walk in all by yourself, hoping to see someone you know and saunter over to the snacks pretending to be perusing the cookies when you’re really hoping someone will talk to you?  NOW – Imagine walking in to a dance that instantly feels like a party. People are welcoming and everyone is dancing with everyone else.  Dancers of all different personalities, ages and abilities pause to go to the photo booth to have a picture... Read More
Posted by Alyssa Robinson at Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The Art of Neighboring

A neighborhood block party is the opportunity for neighbors to get together, meet each other, have fun, and maybe work together on a common activity. Check out the below guide to hosting your own block party or you can download the guide to print. We've also provided "The Art of Neighboring" Bingo Card. Download the card below and use it as a fun way to get to know your neighbors! Download Block Party Kit Download Bingo Card Neighborhood Block Party Kit An Easy How-To... Read More
Posted by Alyssa Robinson at Sunday, September 15, 2019

Spiritual Gift of Knowledge

Our next Gifted to Serve class is on October 6 at 9:30 or 11 am. Sign up now and we will help you discover where you can serve in a way that fuels your passion with your talents and skills gifted to you by God. Take 15 minutes to complete the Gifted to Serve Discovery to learn how God has uniquely gifted you to serve others. Have you ever met someone who knows a little bit about everything? Or maybe they know a lot about everything! They are the kind of people who love doing... Read More
Posted by Alyssa Robinson at Thursday, August 29, 2019

Talking About Suicide With Your Family

Clint Donaldson, Licensed Professional Counselor with The Center Counseling , shares how you can talk to your kids about suicide and self-harm. Clint offices out of Trietsch on Tuesdays. Learn more about Clint and how to make an appointment with him at  tmumc.org/counseling . It’s August. In Texas that means extremely hot days, slightly less hot evenings, and “back- to-school.” For those with kids, you’re immersed in new schedules, practices, band... Read More
Posted by Alyssa Robinson at Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Bullying and the Gift of Transformation

Laura O'Reilly is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and member of Trietsch. On August 26 at 8pm she will be one of the therapists on our  Facebook Live  podcast panel. Below, Laura takes us on a deep dive into bullying. If you have a kid in school at any age, this is a helpful read to better understand the impact of bullying and what you can do to help depending on the age of your child. Learn more about Laura's counseling practice and make an appointment at ... Read More
Posted by Alyssa Robinson at Tuesday, August 20, 2019