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Sandwich Generation Resources

  Resources for the Sandwich Generation   Prayers Serenity Prayer- God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. Breath prayer- Here’s a short instructional video on a prayer that can help you experience God’s peace and presence. TMUMC.ORG/breath If you miss a Sunday, visit TMUMC.ORG/live to worship with us throughout the week Resources at... Read More

More Than a Garage Sale

Ted Hyde is a leader of United Methodist Men of Trietsch and wants to personally invite you to Trietsch Trade Day, happening this weekend. Ted shares how impactful Trietsch Trade Day has been over the years in the community. Can God be glorified by a Garage Sale? Do you like "treasure hunting?" That's what I've heard some folks call garage sales. If you like this kind of thing, then Trietsch Trade Day (TTD) is for YOU. Shopping in the comfort of... Read More
Posted by Alyssa Robinson

Getting Connected thru Life Groups

Life Group registration is open! Learn more about Life Groups and register at  TMUMC.ORG/life . Laura Nelson was nervous. She and her husband, Craig, had agreed to lead a Life Group, but Laura was concerned about people feeling comfortable, having a good time and that the group would gel and bond. She equated it to throwing a party and hoping that your guests had a good time. Laura had heard about the Life Group launch almost a year previous and was interested, but she and... Read More
Posted by Alyssa Robinson at Thursday, May 3, 2018

Warming Up to Life Groups

Our next Life Group launch is Sunday, May 6 at 11 am in the Ministry Center. Stop by to learn more about Life Groups or visit TMUMC.ORG/life . "Life Group is a foundation for the entire week." David Ware shares his thoughts on how his hesitations for first joining a Life Group melted away at the very first meeting.   David and Michelle Ware have been members at Trietsch for about 6 years. They have two college age children attending Texas A&M (David adds... Read More
Posted by Alyssa Robinson at Wednesday, May 2, 2018

God's Reckless Grace

I am Amy Parsons, Worship Coordinator here at Trietsch. Let me start by admitting that my husband is smart and knows things. There. I said it. I expect him to be grinning around the house and quoting me that sentence for the next three weeks. Here's a little story of why I made that bold revelation. I had decided this year, for Lent, instead of giving something up, I would give something out. I wanted to try to do a "Random Act of Kindness" each day. Now, I don't... Read More
at Tuesday, May 1, 2018