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He Will Not Leave the Orphans

I am Audrey Watkins. Pray with me today. Bless all children. May they find hope in their community for a bright future and a promising life! In 2015 we arrived at the Carolyn Belshe Orphanage in Cambine to visit the children. This is always the highlight of the Trietsch Mission Trip to Mozambique, knowing we will have so much fun playing games, singing songs and coloring with the precious children of God. When you walk on the property, the children quickly come up to grab your hand... Read More
at Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A Vision of Hope

I am Arlindo. Pray with me today: Lord I pray for the Center of Hope. I pray for the health care workers who are trained at the center and for the community who receives health education there. I pray for the health of your children, both young and old, who live in Mozambique. If God gave you a vision of a hospital with no patients, what would you do? If you lived in a country with a population of 23 million, a life expectancy of 40 years, a literacy rate of 50%, more than 2... Read More
at Monday, April 23, 2018

God Always Provides

I am Virginia. Pray with me today: God, thank you for providing. Thank you for the opportunity to work hard and provide for my family. Thank you for my customers. My name is Virginia and I live in Mozambique. I have lived a typical life for a woman in Mozambique. It is not an easy life, but God always provides. In 2015, my husband became ill and could no longer hold a job. I prayed to God to help us find a way to take care of our family. I had no skills or training and only a 7th... Read More
at Sunday, April 22, 2018

God's Whisper Changed Everything

I'm Elizabeth McCormick. Pray with me today: Pray that my family and I may be agents of change and reconciliation for Christ. Pray that we are instruments of God's love and peace. I pray too that you will consider where God might be calling you to serve. I recall being a young teenager sitting in the pew on a particular Sunday when my body and my spirit were awakened. A missionary came to share her story about how God was working in and through her in Africa. At that moment,... Read More
at Friday, April 20, 2018

Seek Justice, Walk Humbly

I am David McCormick. Pray with me today: I pray for God to guide the ministries in Mozambique. I pray that as people come to the rural hospital and the Center of Hope, they will not only experience physical healing and health, but feel your love and grace. I was born into the United Methodist tradition, being introduced at a young age into the workings of Vacation Bible Schools, Church Acolyte, and confirmation. In high school, through my involvement with the United Methodist... Read More
at Wednesday, April 18, 2018