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The Class I Almost Didn't Take

Denise Robinson shares why she chose to take Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University.   Click here to register for the next class starting September 10. I graduated from Texas A&M University (Whoop) with a degree in Accounting. I worked in the accounting field for 6 years when I said goodbye to accounting and hello to ministry. For years, I have heard people talk about how Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University made a huge difference in their family... Read More
at Thursday, August 24, 2017

Help on the Slab

Sometimes the simplest stories are the sweetest. Leann White has a passion for homeless ministry in Dallas and saw first-hand how faith, social media, and willpower can make a big difference.  I met Linda Brown on a Tuesday afternoon at City Square in downtown Dallas. We sat and visited. She had lived on the street, on "the slab" as she called it, and slept in the shelter at night. She did that for two years. Linda recently was able to get an apartment but didn't... Read More
Posted by Alyssa Robinson at Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Let's Shatter Labels

We're talking about  "When Labels Blind Us" this Sunday and Rev. Clay Horton can't help but be reminded of MAD Camp. Read his story and join us this Sunday. It's now been a couple months since MAD for Jesus and I still wake up thinking about the great camp. Nearly 200 Wesley-Rankin students came to Trietsch for a week filled with music, arts, dance, drama, and of course Jesus. Perhaps one of things I have been thinking about the most are the... Read More
Posted by Alyssa Robinson at Thursday, August 17, 2017

God's Perfect Timing

Michelle Hahn's Life Group has walked alongside her and her husband Grant during a time of unexpected change. Click here to learn more about Life Groups! My husband Grant and I are in a Life Group together on Wednesday nights. When I first heard about Life Groups last year, I knew it was something we needed to be part of. I thought it might take some convincing to get Grant to do it with me. So, one night when Grant and I were in bed about to fall asleep, I rolled over and... Read More
at Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Man Alive Men's Retreat

Ted Hyde shares why he personally needs a weekend away from all the stress life brings. Join him for the Man Alive Men's Retreat on August 26 & 27! Register Now Oh My Gosh – I've got too much on my plate. My to do list is way too long. I feel pressured down to get everything done. Then on top of all that, my wife, Anne, thinks I'm not spending enough time with her. I NEED A BREAK! A number of years ago, I did that very thing. I came... Read More
at Saturday, August 5, 2017