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Am I a Good Samaritan?

Tammy Hise shares one of her "Good Samaritan" moments and the opportunities she's missed: Recently my daughter was visiting from Tulsa, and she and my mother and I were having lunch. My mom had been looking so forward to spending the day with us and having us all to herself. As we were talking, I noticed this elderly gentleman walk into the restaurant with a cane. He was having a hard time getting in and before I could do anything, he was seated. We were at the... Read More
at Thursday, June 30, 2016

United Through Differences

Rev. Daniel Humbert expresses the joy of being in relationship with those who are different from him: We siblings are strange creatures, aren't we? In many ways we have a love/hate relationship going on all the time. We love each other because we're related and we grew up together, and yet we often can't stand each other because we're related and we grew up together….siblings!  I have two brothers. I'm the youngest, so of course... Read More
at Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dear Trietsch...

As Brett Hovis and his family get ready to move back to South Carolina, he took the time to write a letter to the congregation and staff of Trietsch expressing his gratitude: Dear TMUMC, Three years ago my professional career brought me to Flower Mound from Greenville, SC. Casey and I had a 23-month-old son Houston at the time, and we were the first in our immediate family to ever live outside of The Carolinas. I couldn’t even begin to type all of the emotions... Read More
at Thursday, June 23, 2016

Healing God's Way

Catherine Weiskopf shares how God pushed her outside of her comfort zone for healing: When we cry out to Jesus for healing, he rarely delivers on our timeline and in the way we wish. Jesus healed the bleeding woman when her fingers grazed his muslin tunic. (Luke 8:43) Jesus healed the blind man with a mud patty formed with spit. (John 9:6) For years I wanted to be healed by a minister putting his hand on my forehead, me collapsing on the ground, and all my problems would be gone. For this... Read More
at Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Going Beyond Hello

Denise Robinson shares how she hopes the "Beyond Hello" worship series will help her pay more attention. Join us this Sunday! We lived for a short time in New Mexico. Our neighborhood was on a mesa (elevated area of land with a flat top.) At the end of our street was a view that took my breath away. You could see the rugged and beautiful terrain of this most interesting area.  Every time I left my house, whether by foot or in the car, I would pause at this... Read More
at Thursday, June 16, 2016