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Unending Gratitude, Generosity & Blessings!

Jim Attrell shares how gratitude turned to generosity and generosity turned into blessings in his life. Do you have a story to tell? Contact Alyssa Robinson at alyssar@tmumc.org : Thirty-five years ago I arrived in Houston from Alberta, Canada; forced to leave my homeland due to a serious downturn in the oil industry in Canada. I was forced into bankruptcy after my oldest daughter was hospitalized for a year and my insurance ran out. My car was repossessed; I was unemployed and divorced... Read More
at Thursday, February 25, 2016

Daddy, do you still love me?

Rev. Clay Horton has a personal reflection about Lent: "Daddy, do you still love me?" I've been hearing that question a lot lately. Brenna is 4 years old and is really starting to learn about cause and effect. She’s learning to push boundaries. She's at the stage where she's "testing" her mother and me. Isn't parenting wonderful? When she makes bad choices, she goes to timeout. At the end of time out, Brenna has started asking if we still love her. Our answer over and over again... Read More
at Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lord, what do YOU want to do through me?

Jennifer Cooley shares how her journey started with Trietsch and how she plans to support UNSHACKLED : Trietsch and the community of believers have blessed our family beyond measure and we are forever grateful for that. When Eric and I first began attending Trietsch, our oldest Meghan, now 9 years old, was an infant. We were both at different points in our faith. If we hadn’t felt so welcomed and accepted by Trietsch, we may not have been so inclined to jump in and become a part of... Read More
at Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Lesson Must Live On

Ted Hyde shares how his recent visit to the Dallas Holocaust Museum re-opened his eyes to a side of humanity we wish to forget: How do you feel about discrimination? How do you feel about hatred? What actions would you take if you witnessed atrocities committed against your neighbor? It's easy to say we'd stand up for what's right, but sometimes it's a slow transition to evil. Not that long ago, neighbors in central Europe began to witness odd things. First there were unfair laws... Read More
at Thursday, February 11, 2016

Serving Is More Than Volunteering

Denise Robinson shares how she learned that serving is more than completing a task: I love going on short-term mission trips. I love to travel. I love to serve. I love meeting new people. I love new adventures.   When asked, I jumped at the chance to go to Tijuana, Mexico to serve with Amor Ministries as youth groups spent their Spring break building houses and holding neighborhood Vacation Bible Schools. Most of my serving was behind the scenes. One day, however, I was... Read More
at Thursday, February 4, 2016