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Fan or Follower

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Fan or Follower
Posted: Jan 28, 2019 4:24:11 PM 

We're all a fan of someone—athletes, musicians, artists, actors. It's thrilling to be energetic and enthusiastic about something that captivates us. Being a fan is exciting, but followers are critical to any movement of influence. Followers are committed; followers sacrifice; followers stick with you through good and bad. Jesus and Paul are two vitally important people in the Christian faith.  Jesus created the movement and Paul deeply influenced it. As people who claim Christ we are to be followers of Jesus and fans of Paul.  It's okay to be enthusiastic about Paul, but let's be all in for Christ.

February 3 Who are they?

February 10 Why did they come?

February 17 How did they teach?

February 24 What was their purpose?


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